Mark David Sellecchia Says Keen Salespeople Keep Tabs On Stock Market Health

Mark SellecchiaWith just about five months of 2018 now in the books, it’s time to look back and gauge the overall health of the stock market as well as predictions about what’s on the horizon. While many Americans aren’t impacted by the surges and stumbles of stocks, plenty more have money invested either directly or through their banks. When overall economic health is good, their investment account balances rise. Conversely, the not-so-good times have a negative impact. According to Mark David Sellecchia, a student of the tech and medical sectors whose educational background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing from Georgia State University, it’s time to take a look at 2018 and beyond.

According to a recent CNN Market article, talk of a “trade war” with China over various tariffs on often-traded goods could prove to be a cause for concern. Moreover, nearly 60 percent of money managers surveyed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch say that the stock market is at its peak or that peak isn’t very far off. This isn’t a red flag, says Mark Sellecchia; rather it’s a reason to better understand the markets and heed the advice of experts. “Trade war fears rocked the stock market in recent weeks, though Wall Street has rebounded on hopes that China and the United States will step back from the brink,” the article states. This is nothing new, but it’s just another reason to keep tabs on geo-political matters and the possible fallout they can have at home, he says.

Mr. Sellecchia, whose skills in marketing will likely one day parlay into a career in medical or software sales, says those two industries are at an absolutely peak. With tech start-ups seeing sky-high financial support from venture capital firms and medical sales professionals excelling from a high demand for new pharmaceuticals, Mark David Sellecchia says it’s a good time to not be restrained by geographic boundaries. However, here is where we tie these possible career paths that Mark Sellecchia plans to take with the overall health of the stock market. Investor confidence is key and if global growth is expected –even if it’s not at the surging rate we’ve seen over the past year-and-a-half – then the future is bright. If this “bull” market keeps charging, then there’s no question that Mr. Sellecchia will join fellow software and medical product salespeople in international deals that keep the economy of this country up and running.